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Balanced Kangaroo 1kg packs

This is a long awaited product line for us. Many hours of study have gone into the creation of our balanced range. With these mixes cover all nutritional aspects and exceed NRC (National Research Council) standards. NRC is a worldwide research council for animal nutrition. This mix meet and exceed all micro nutrient requirements, and have correct balancing of omega 6 to 3, copper to zinc, and calcium to phosphorus. Our mixes are appropriate for all life stages including puppies as we balance the calcium/phosphorus ratios for the needs of young and adult dogs. However we do not recommend this as an every day food for puppies as the fat content is not high enough. Using it in rotation is absolutely fine for puppies. For dogs that do not have allergies to fish we do suggest adding oily fish to this blend 

This mix is perfect for people that are new to raw, time-poor or stress about providing the correct nutrients to their dogs. each ingredient is selected for its nutritional value and how it interacts with the other ingredients. there are no fillers, additives or synthetic vitamins, just 100% good nutrition for your dog. 


Ingredients: Wild caught Western Australian Kangaroo (meat, heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen and finely ground bone), pumpkin (flesh and seeds), kale, blueberries, broccoli, zucchini, apple, cinnamon.


Feeding Guide

It is important to feed the dog in front of you and this is just a guide. If your dog is gaining too much weight reduce the amount, if your dog is not keeping weight on increase the amount until you find the right quantity for your dog. Every dog has a different metabolism and energy requirement.

  • Adult dogs: We recommend feeding 2-3% of your dogs ideal body weight per day.
  • Puppies: We recommend the following percentage of your puppies current weight per day. Note you will need to adjust as your pup ages. more active puppies may require more and less active puppies may require less. Please feed the puppy in front of you.
  • Weaning to 4 Months – 10%-8%
  • 4 Months to 6 Months – 8%-6%
  • 6 Months to 8 Months – 6% – 4%
  • 8 Months to 12 Months – 4%-2%

We recommend puppies under 6 months of age to have 3 meals per day and puppies over 6 months can be reduced to 2 meals per day.