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Ginger Turmeric x 3
Whole GINGER and TURMERIC ROOT are steeped and boiled before mixing in with our powerful kombucha base. The result is a mild SPICE and earthy SOUR notes. This kombucha shows a light ORANGE GLOW from the turmeric.

Jasmine Green Tea x 3
JASMINE GREEN TEA is a natural Source of ANTIOXADANTS. Characterised by the SCENT of Jasmine FLOWERS and a SHERBERT TANG of green grapes.

Raspberry Blossom x 3
RASPBERRY Leaf and HIBISCUS Rosella combine to add FRUITY and HERBACEOUS flavours of fresh berries, thyme with a soft CRIMSON colour.

Tropical Hops x 3
Pacific grown hop flowers add FLORALFRUITY and JUICY flavours of MANGO and STONEFRUIT.

12x 375ml Bottles