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Nestled amongst the trees near the historic town of Guildford you’ll find Bolt Coffee where Steve Lomax lives out his dream roasting and serving coffee. I’ve never met Steve but have been to his place for a coffee many times. It’s one of those places that you have to know someone who knows about it to find it. Steve’s roasts are favoured by numerous cafes all over Perth. Now you can get your own locally roasted coffee to take your home-coffee to a new level.

When coffee is being roasted, it produces ‘cracking’ noises towards the end of the roasting process. When this blend was roasted, the crack was noticeably louder than all other blends, hence the name CRACK. It is their most savoury tasting blend, due to the addition of the infamous Indian “Monsooned” bean, which also helps give it a luscious and thick crema. CRACK is strong and exotic, and has developed a cult following among our customers.
Steve recommends that you grind your coffee fresh and on demand. However, if you opt for having your beans ground you can then specify the type of grind you require (e.g espresso, filter, plunger etc).

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